[Real store] SHOP STAFF BLOG

Thank you for your continued patronage of Louren.
This is natsumi from Tokyo Hiroo Shop staff.
We will introduce the staff coordination today as well.
I would appreciate it if you could refer to your clothes selection.
■ Mari / 153cm

satin standcollar onepiece (free / beige) ¥14,300 (tax included)
vintage satin pants (free / ivory) ¥9,900 (tax included)
This dress is made of elegant satin fabric that is not too glossy, and can be worn casually while still being feminine.
I'm 153 cm tall, and even with flat shoes, the hem doesn't touch the ground.
Of course, you can wear it alone, but this time, you can pair it with pants for a slightly more manly look.

■ kotone / 160cm
standneck embroidery tops (free / dark brown) ¥13,200 (tax included)
centerpress tapered denim (s / ivory) ¥15,400 (tax included)
The top has delicate embroidery and just the right amount of sparkle, giving it an elegant atmosphere, while the stand-up collar allows you to wear it in a mode.
I chose a dark brown color that gives a calm impression today.
Since it is a well-designed top, the bottom is paired with denim with a simple and beautiful silhouette for a mature and feminine look.
■ sarina / 162cm

rib cotton mermaid onepiece (free / ecru ) ¥16,500 (tax included)
inner camisole onepiece (free / beige) ¥3,080 (tax included)
A dress with a beautiful I-line silhouette with luxurious random ribs.
Made of 100% cotton, it feels great on the skin, and can be used for a wide range of occasions, not only for everyday use, but also for going out.
Today, we chose ecru color that emphasizes femininity.

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