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This is kanako from Tokyo Hiroo Shop staff.
We will introduce the staff coordination today as well.
I would appreciate it if you could refer to your clothes selection.
■ natsumi / 155cm
over cable hand knit (free / gray) ¥19,800 (tax included)
centerpress tapered denim (s / beige) ¥9,240 (tax included)
Hand-knit with a matte texture and rough knitted fabric that creates intonation in styling.
By combining it with center-pressed denim, the vertical lines are emphasized and the style is improved.
A classic style that can be worn without feeling out of fashion, accented with large earrings.
■ sarina / 162cm
over design knit pullover (free / charcoal) ¥8,580 (tax included)
knit tiered skirt (m / beige) ¥15,600 (tax included)
round toe wide long boots (24.5 / black) ¥22,000 (tax included)
Soft leather drawstring bag (free / black) ¥11,550 (tax included)
A design knit with a drop shoulder design and oversized sizing that gives off a relaxed impression.
The casual knit is paired with a lady-like skirt for a casual style that is in the mood for this season.
The soft beige color adds a feminine touch.
■ kanako / 153cm
volume boa coat (free / dark brown) ¥26,400 (tax included)
・lace knit flare dress (free / black) ¥7,150 (tax included) *Store limited item
pointed toe shape short boots (23.5 / black) ¥17,600 (tax included)
A leading outerwear that instantly enhances the mood of the season just by putting it on with a simple outfit.
The point is layered with the bottom hem of the dress, which can be seen from the coat with plenty of volume.
Pointed-toe boots give the whole outfit a sharp look.
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