[big silhouette shirt] STAFF SNAP

Thank you for your continued patronage of Louren.
This is sarina from Tokyo Hiroo Shop staff.
Today, we would like to introduce a mix-and-match coordination using [big silhouette shirt / brown].
Although it is masculine, the looseness created by the big silhouette and the long cuffs make it a feminine item that can be used until spring. Brown color with moderate luster that goes well with Louren's clothes.
I would appreciate it if you could refer to your clothes selection.
■ Mari / 153cm
big silhouette shirt (free / brown) ¥13,200 (tax included)
Tapered slub pants (s / black ) ¥6,600 (tax included) *Store limited item
pointed toe shape short boots ( 23.5 / black ) ¥17,600 (tax included)
This shirt is a must-have item because it is an item that can be worn in many different ways.
By opening the button deep, it will show off the combination with the turtleneck knit more tastefully.
Dark tones are used for everything except the shirt, creating a chic atmosphere.
■ natsumi / 155cm
big silhouette shirt (free / brown) ¥13,200 (tax included)
round toe wide long boots ( 23.5 / black ) ¥22,000 (tax included)
A one-piece dress that takes advantage of the big silhouette.
With a refreshing styling, we have made it a style that instantly enhances the mood of spring.
Wide long boots with a taut feeling not only look delicate but also improve the freshness of the styling.
■ sarina / 162cm
big silhouette shirt (free / brown) ¥13,200 (tax included)
over design knit pullover (free / greige) ¥8,580 (tax included)
centerpress tapered denim (t / charcoal) ¥9,240 (tax included)
pointed toe shape short boots ( 24.5 / black ) ¥17,600 (tax included)
design chain bracelet (free / silver) ¥5,500 (tax included)
Layered styling with a shirt inside the knit.
The cuffs are also slightly rolled up to add an accent to the overall look.
The uneven knit and expressive shirt combination gives a sophisticated impression just by pairing it with denim.
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