Recommended TOPS to match with linen like wrap skirt

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This is sarina from Tokyo Hiroo Shop staff.
Today, we would like to introduce a coordinate using the linen like wrap skirt that is on sale from the 2022 SPRING SUMMER COLLECTION .
Linen-like, soft and comfortable to wear, and a pencil silhouette that does not easily pick up your body line, it is a popular item that is often picked up at stores.
Pick up TOPS that you want to match with such an excellent skirt.
We hope that you will take a look at our styling references.
STAFF mari / 153cm
■ PICK UP 01
linen like over shirt ( free , ivory )
linen like wrap skirt ( s , ivory )
[SILVER925] bar earcuff (free, silver)
First of all, you want to match it with a setup oversized shirt .
The linen-like material has a smooth and dry texture that is comfortable for this season, and you can get both a moderately beautiful impression and a rough mood.
Wear flat sandals on your feet for a relaxed look and modern styling.
■ PICK UP 02
chiffon volume blouse (free, charcoal)
linen like wrap skirt ( s , ivory )
A chiffon blouse that creates a mood with a drape that flows every time you move.
A voluminous form and a skirt with clean lines make for a sharp look.
It has an airy texture, so you can tuck the front in for a light look.
■ PICK UP 03
finger hole thermal tops ( free , khaki )
linen like wrap skirt ( s , ivory )
soft leather drawstring bag ( free , black )
Casual thermal & black accessories for a stylish shift change in ivory colors that are easy to warm up.
The compact sizing that fits the body moderately is tucked in at the waist, and by wearing silver accessories, it is an adult style to add spiciness.
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