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This season has many events.
Requested by many customers
We will introduce recommended coordination for the occasion scene.
I would appreciate it if you could refer to it.
■ STYLE 01
staff / 157cm
The luxurious puffy jacquard material is attractive for its natural unevenness and modern colors that are tone-down that can be used for any occasion.
The slightly loose pencil silhouette gives it a modern look and is perfect for formal occasions.
Match it with a playful jacket with slit sleeves for a more seasonal style.
* Regarding the flower jacquard pencil dress, we are planning to restock a small amount at physical stores, but we are considering restocking online stores.
Details will be announced in the NEWS as soon as they are confirmed, so please check it out as well.
■ STYLE 02
back tie over jumpsuit (free / black)
staff / 157cm
A jumpsuit with a straight silhouette that gives a relaxed feel to the whole.
The décolleté line shows off your skin for a feminine look, and the dry touch material is perfect for the coming season, making it a recommended item for semi-formal occasions.
Combined with a yellow haori, it is a classy and mature color scheme.
■ STYLE 03
staff: 155cm
The long-sleeved flared dress made from Indian cut jacquard is recommended to be worn alone.

When you open the zipper on the sleeve, it becomes a slit sleeve and you can easily change your face.

The flared silhouette is beautiful from any angle, making it an outfit that will attract the attention of those around you and accentuate your individuality.
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