shirring compact tops

Thank you for your continued patronage of Louren.
We would like to introduce a mix-and-match coordination using [ shirring compact tops ].
We hope that you will find it helpful in choosing your clothes.
■ Mari / 153cm
shirring compact tops (free, yellow)
basic cargo pants (s, white)
basic long gi belt (free, off white)
soft leather drawstring bag ( free , ivory )
Trend-like coordination that makes you feel good with playful color items.
Cargo pants add a natural casual element to complete this season's city style.
A mature look with a slightly transparent material that creates a sensual mood.
■ kotone / 160cm
shirring compact tops (free, black)
A style that shows off a beautiful I-line silhouette with a feminine pencil skirt.
Even items with uneven surfaces can be combined in black to create an advanced outfit that is less assertive.
For tops with tight necks, select silver accessories that add glamor to your face.
■ kanako / 153cm
shirring compact tops ( free , beige )
basic long gi belt ( free , black )
Wearing with bulging cocoon pants to give it an inflection.
Put together a simple item without waste and accent it with a vintage-like buckle.
Pair with casual shoes for an effortless style.
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