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Today, we would like to introduce our staff's recommended style for going out, using the 2022 SPRING SUMMER COLLECTION items to make the upcoming Golden Week even more exciting.
We hope that you will take a look at our styling references.
■ STYLE 01
A jumpsuit that can be used for multiple purposes from window shopping to resorts.
A loose silhouette that allows the body to swim
He/she directs the relaxing mood like this year.
In addition to covering the shoulder area,
Just add sheer material for a mature look.
mari / 153cm
■ STYLE 02
american sleeve knit tops ( free , light green )
basic cargo pants ( m , white )
basic long gi belt (free, off white)
On a warm day, it's a rough and easy-to-move coordination.
In the refreshing atmosphere of spring and summer
Exquisite color items that give soft nuances are eye-catching.
Boots-in style with volume on your feet,
For a city-like balance.
kotone / 160cm
■ STYLE 03
With a comfortable dry touch even in early summer
A pencil dress recommended for days when you want to spend a leisurely time.
Taking advantage of the design without unnecessary decorations, the accessories are also modest.
kanaco / 153cm
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