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    Today, using the 2022 EARLYSUMMER COLLECTION item
    Introducing STAFF SNAP.
    We would appreciate it if you could use it as a reference for your styling.
    camisole crepe dress (s, light beige)
    A camisole dress that gives a soft nuance to your outfit.
    Slightly glossy and smooth material
    It is attractive that you can wear it elegantly like an adult.
    mari / 153cm
    shape china blouse ( free , black )
    tapered tuck pants (t, brown)
    While making you feel modern,
    Class up your casual outfit
    BLACK matches the style of early summer.
    China detail accents the coordination.
    sarina / 162cm
    pleats tapered pants ( s , ivory )
    Pleated pants for a feminine look.
    Even if you match it with healthy tops and rough
    Somewhere lady-like.
    kanaco / 153cm
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