cache coeur work jumpsuit

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Picked up the cachecoeur work jumpsuit.
A jumpsuit with an effortless impression that completes a mature work style with just one piece.

Made of breathable cotton material, this item is extremely comfortable to wear with a smooth texture even in the coming season when you sweat.
We hope that you will take a look at it as a reference for your styling.

* It will be available at physical stores from today, June 4th (Sat).
Please feel free to drop by.
■ STYLE 01
american sleeve knit tops ( free , beige )
[SILVER925] bar earcuff (free, silver)

BLACK, which can be worn in a modern style and adds a class to a casual outfit, matches the style of early summer.
It has a relaxed feel that does not pick up your body line, but it is also attractive to improve your style.
For BLACK style, it is best to add gloss with accessories.

mari / 153cm
■ STYLE 02 
cachecoeur work jumpsuit ( s , black )
sheer turtleneck tops ( free , ivory )
back cross body suit ( free , black )
pointed strap sandal (23.5, black)
Arrange the best of the season for a sophisticated mood styling.

By combining this year's sheer items, softness shines in the chic look.
For a handsome look, pair it with ladylike flat sandals for a healthy mature look.
mari / 153cm
■ STYLE 03
cachecoeur work jumpsuit ( s , ivory )
one shoulder camisole (free, beige)
open toe oumps (22.5, yellowbeige)
The V-neck cut makes the décolleté look beautiful, and it tickles the feminine heart even though it is a work style.
You can pull the neck or roll up the cuffs for an even looser balance.
The well-designed inner adds a casual accent to your outfit.
kanaco / 153cm
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