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This time of year with temperature difference. Introducing staff-recommended coordination that is perfect for the upcoming rainy season.
There are many rainy days and damp days, so during the season when your mood is easily affected, you can use the power of clothes to lift your mood.
We hope that you will take a look at it as a reference for your styling.
■ STYLE 01
cocoon long vest (free, charcoal)
back cross body suit ( free , dusty pink )
basic cargo pants (s, black)
basic long gi belt (free, black)
pointed strap sandal (23.5, black)
A long gilet that gives you a mature impression just by putting it on.
This time, it is layered with an inner layer and worn like a top for a masculine look.
The dull pink that is hidden inside is used as an accent color to create a playful coordination.
mari / 153cm
■ STYLE 02 
chiffon volume blouse (free, ivory)
back cross body suit ( free , black )
Half pants with a knee-length length that is easy for adults to use.
These boots are often used during times when you are concerned about rain or mud , and you can enjoy a classic style that keeps your legs from being exposed and you can enjoy fashion.
The high waist design naturally enhances your style, and even with shorts that tend to be rough, the styling with a blouse brings a feminine look.
sarina / 153cm
■ STYLE 03
finger hole thermal tops ( free , charcoal )
Relaxed pants featuring a relaxed silhouette and a smooth touch are perfect for the damp season of the rainy season.
The non-stressful comfort that does not pick up the leg line is one of the points you want to keep in mind on rainy days.

For a casual look with thermals, add a touch of glamor with accessories that have a strong presence.
kanaco / 153cm
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