waist gather relax pants

Thank you for your continued patronage of Louren.
Tailored with a trendy voluminous silhouette and lustrous material, these tapered pants are elegant like Louren.
A versatile item that goes well with a variety of styles regardless of tops, and is a great addition to your wardrobe.
Today, we will propose styling with different expressions from handsome to lady.
We hope that you will take a look at it as a reference for your styling.
■ STYLE 01
shape china blouse ( free , natural )
waist gather relax pants ( m , yellow beige )
Coordinating with a compact top to create a sharp look with the bottom. 
The shell buttons and darts on the front create an urban atmosphere.
The combination of different materials with a gap is the best way to wear it this season.
■ STYLE 02
cocoon long vest (free, charcoal)
one shoulder camisole (free, ivory)
waist gather relax pants ( m , yellow beige )
Even with the same color pants as STYLE1, just adding a darker color will give you a handsome impression.
Choose a vest for the overcoat, and add a mature feeling with loose bottoms while keeping the neat feeling as it is.
The slanted cut line of the camisole makes the collarbone look beautiful, and the waist belt is used as a tie to complete a trendy nuanced outfit.
■ STYLE 03
chiffon volume blouse (free, charcoal)
waist gather relax pants ( m , black )
The combination of natural materials with a dry touch and a glossy and elegant luster creates a relaxed and mature style.
Even with the black one tone, the relaxed silhouette gives a refreshing feeling and can be used as a casual element.
Don't forget your femininity with small accessories to create a delicate wrist.
kotone / 160cm
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