Thank you for your continued patronage of Louren.
Today, from the 2022 SUMMER SALE, we would like to propose styling using items recommended by our staff.
Please use it as a reference for your summer outing style.
■ STYLE 01
wingcollar lace shirt ( free , ivory )
basic cargo pants (m, black)
soft leather drawstring bag ( free , ivory )
A lace shirt with delicate lace like Louren.
Even with a lace shirt that tends to be sweet, the oversized length and wide width of the hips create a mature and loose feeling.
A slightly military-like bottom and wing collar give a sense of unity, making it a handsome lady.
kotone / 160cm
■ STYLE 02
cachecoeur knit tops ( free , beige )
Cache-coeur top in smooth knit material.
The relaxed styling combined with voluminous pants is accented with heels.
The deep side slits make it easy to balance even if you are short.
mari / 153cm
■ STYLE 02
pointed strap sandal (23.5, ivory)
A jumpsuit that completes a mature work style with just one piece.
Boldly worn by itself, it has a loose silhouette that does not pick up your body line, giving it a healthy summer impression.
The back shan design is both rough and gorgeous, making it a one-mile wear.
kanako / 153cm
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