geometric jacquard wide pants

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Today, we would like to introduce three styles using the geometric jacquard widepants that arrived at the physical store .
These pants, which have a gorgeous and dramatic element, can be the main item of your coordination just by incorporating one piece.

We would appreciate it if you could take a look at it for your shopping reference.
■ STYLE 01
back cross body suit ( free , white )
oval chain long necklace (free, silver)
The wide straight silhouette pants are paired with an oversized top for a balance that retains elegance while also giving you a sense of trend.
Even in the soft color matching, you can get a peculiar nuance.
As an accent, wear a large accessory to further brush up your styling.
kanako / 153cm
■ STYLE 02
silver925 U pierce ( free , silver )
Taking advantage of the sheer material and jacquard fabric with a different material that has a three-dimensional feel, it gives a modern impression by combining it with black items.
It's the season when things get heavy, so the sheer material adds lightness to the styling.
The side zipper design makes your waistline look neat and stylish.

sarina / 162cm
■ STYLE 03
slitsleeve over shirt ( free , burgundy )
Although it is a fashionable item, we recommend pairing it with a simple shirt for daily occasions.
The in-style makes your eyes stand out, and even people with short stature will be well-balanced.
Even during this difficult time when the temperature is unsettled, it is easy to incorporate the mood of the season with bottoms.
mari / 153cm
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