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Today we would like to introduce 3 types of items that have been very well received in the 2022 FALLWINTER COLLECTION and will be restocked at the ONLINESTORE on 10/29 (Sat).
For reference of various styling, please see by all means at this opportunity.

front button polo knit
¥14,300 (tax included)
■ STYLE 01
front button polo knit ( free , black )

We recommend pairing the black color with colored wide pants for a casual look.
The accessories are also unified in black for a cohesive impression.

mikako / 157cm

■ STYLE 02
front button polo knit ( free , white )

In order not to be too ladylike, the white is paired with a knit skirt with a mode impression for a well-balanced styling.
The shoes are paired with bright brown boots for a loose and soft feel.

mari / 157cm

■ STYLE 03

front button polo knit ( free , white )
doubleface inner camisole (free, black)
baroque pearl chain necklace (free, silver)

If you use a colored item as a cardigan, it will accent your styling without being overly overstated.
Brush up your styling with pearl accessories to avoid being too casual.

mikako / 157cm
¥8,800 (tax included)
free/beige, camel, dusty ink, charcoal, black

■ STYLE 01

doubleface V-neck pullover (free, beige)
finger hole turtle knit ( free , beige )
highwaist straight pants ( t , light beige )
sheep leather ballet shoes (24.5, camel)
big hoop pierce (free, gold)
A one-tone coordination that enhances the mood of the season by incorporating it as an inner top.
One of the attractions is that you can enjoy layering with outerwear and oversized tops without looking bulky because of its compact size.

sarina / 161cm

■ STYLE 02
big showl coat ( free , olive brown )
finger hole turtle knit ( free , charcoal )

As it gets colder, we propose a mature color styling that you will never get tired of, so that you can enjoy the layered style unique to winter.

mikako / 157cm

■ STYLE 03
sheep leather ballet shoes ( 23.5 / black )
The classic black turtleneck knit has an eye-catching jacquard weave made of a different material, and by pairing it with wide pants that are the leading role, you can create a highly sensitive style.
Although it is simple, it is a dress that shines with attention to detail such as finger holes and turtle height.
mari / 153cm
¥27,500 (tax included)

■ STYLE 01

plating knit cardigan ( free , black )
plating knit skirt ( m , black )
bijou short necklace (free, silver)

We propose a novel styling that matches the top and skirt of the same material in a set-up style.
The pattern and textured surface that make use of the characteristics of the material do not make the styling monotonous, and when unified with black accessories, it creates a more sophisticated and mature urban style.

mikako / 157cm

■ STYLE 02
plating knit cardigan ( free , black )
The knit cardigan, which beautifully accentuates the décolleté and the lines of a woman's body, is paired with casual work pants to create an adult style with a sense of neatness.
sarina / 161cm
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