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As we enter November, we are shifting to choosing items that emphasize warmth in preparation for the actual winter season.
Today, we would like to introduce a styling using knit items that is close to that feeling.

Please take a look at this opportunity.
■ STYLE 01
zip up turtleneck knit ( free , beige )
The collar is raised and the zip-up knit with turtleneck design adds volume around the face for a seasonal look.
We also recommend pairing men's-like work pants with the bottoms for a casual one-tone styling.
mikako / 157cm
■ STYLE 02
volume hand knit outer ( free , dark gray )
cable knit bustier ( free , dark gray )
pointed toe shape pumps (23.5, black)
bijou short necklace (free, silver)
Ensemble style of the same color bustier and knit outerwear.
This season's mood is to balance the relaxed voluminous knit with a cropped inner layer.
Pointed toe shoes and bijou necklaces give the effortless style of knit and denim a sharp look.
kanako / 153cm
■ STYLE 03
patch pocket knit cardigan ( free , dark brown )
A layered style of knit items that enhances the mood of the season.
The relaxed oversilhouette is also combined with dark tones for a chic and cohesive impression.
Silver accessories with a strong presence bring a glamorous look to your outfit.
mari / 153cm
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