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The winter season when you can't help but reach out for dark tone items.
Therefore, today we would like to introduce styling that incorporates colored items that will make you feel better just by wearing them.

Please take a look at this opportunity.
■ STYLE 01
back open bodysuit (free, dusty pink)
For DUSTY PINK, choose a BLACK bottom for a less sweet look.
A well-fitting bodysuit is paired with wide pants for added contrast.
mikako / 157cm
■ STYLE 02
slitsleeve over shirt ( free , burgundy )
finger hole turtle knit ( free , black )
By adding BURGUNDY to the basic color combination, you can wear it to feel the mood of the season.
For the upcoming season, we recommend layering it with a turtleneck knit.
kanako / 153cm
■ STYLE 03
plating knit cardigan ( free , black )
bijou short necklace (free, silver)
Styling for an adult lady with a chic color combination.
Even with the velor material, by choosing a deep green, it will match a wide range of styling without being too gorgeous.
mikako / 157cm
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