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A one-tone outfit that allows you to wear a simple outfit with a mature atmosphere .
Today, we would like to introduce the beige, navy, and gray one-tone outfit recommended by our staff.
Please take a look at this opportunity.
■ STYLE 01
cut sleeve knit tops ( free , beige )
Combining men's-like military pants with one beige tone creates a soft atmosphere.
For a beige one-tone coordination that is easy to stretch, we recommend inserting black accessories to add sharpness.
mari / 153cm
■ STYLE 02
Navy one-tone coordination using indigo denim.
Even with a combination of casual items, choosing navy will give you a more sophisticated impression.

mikako / 157cm
unisex waffle pullover ( men's , charcoal )
mohair shaggy hat ( free , gray )
cable knit gloves ( free , gray )
silver925 U pierce ( free , silver ) 
A mature outfit with a grayish one tone that feels the mood of the season.
It is attractive that you can wear it with a lighter impression than black.
The accessories are all silver, and paired with denim for a more casual look.
sarina / 162cm
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