Thank you for your continued patronage of Louren.
It's the end of November, and you can feel the arrival of winter.
Today, we would like to introduce the styling recommended by our staff using new items.
Please take a look at this opportunity.
■ STYLE 01
mohair short knit ( free , beige )
We chose beige to maximize the soft impression unique to mohair, and styled it mainly with knitwear.
The simple design adds sharpness by unifying the other colors.
The cropped length makes it one of the attractions that you can improve your style just by wearing it.
mari / 153cm
■ STYLE 02
Cocoon pants with a moderately relaxed feel can be paired with a jacket for a formal impression.
The deep navy is not too heavy compared to black, and brings a sense of style to your outfit.
kanako / 153cm
■ STYLE 03
ensemble knit onepiece (m, dark gray)
bijou short necklace (free, silver)
The dress, which is easy to use daily, is combined with black accessories in a dark tone to create a modern impression.
The casual decollete line reveals your femininity.
Wear a bijou necklace that brightens up your face for an outfit that matches the holiday season.
mikako / 157cm
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