mohair short knit styling

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Today, we would like to introduce a mix-and-match coordination that you would like to incorporate this season using the mohair short knit, which is a hot item this season.

Please take a look at it as a reference for shopping and coordination.
■ STYLE 01
mohair short knit ( free , beige )
ensemble knit onepiece (m, beige)
oval chain long necklace (free, silver)
A style that emphasizes femininity by layering a dress with a tight silhouette.
By taking advantage of the cropped length, the line of sight gathers upward, naturally enhancing your style.
Add a touch of glamor to a simple style with bold accessories.
mikako / 157cm
■ STYLE 02
mohair short knit ( free , gray )
silver925 U pierce ( free , silver )
Layered with a flower lace top, it has a chic tone but also has a sense of sheerness, creating depth in the styling.
Incorporating men's-like work pants, long pile knit and lace items are also worn with less sweetness.
sarina / 162cm
■ STYLE 03
mohair short knit ( free , beige )
chiffon volume blouse (free, ivory)
The cropped length that you want to keep this season is a sophisticated look just by layering it with a blouse or shirt.
Choose deep khaki for the bottom so that it doesn't look feminine.
The accessories are unified in black, which is the tightening color, adding a dignified element.
mikako / 157cm
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