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Today, we would like to introduce you to our staff's recommended accessories, from items that are easy to use everyday to items that will be the leading role.
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■ ITEM 01
silver / gold
¥33,000 (taxin)
Just by wearing these large earrings, you can add a touch of glamor to your face for a sophisticated and mature look.
As it is a leading accessory, it is recommended not only for simple styling, but also for dinner and special outings.
One of the charms of this product is that it is made with a hollow cylinder, and despite its voluminous feel, it is light and comfortable to wear.
■ ITEM 02
silver / gold
¥16,500 (taxin)
The shape, expression, and luster of each baroque pearl are different, so you can enjoy asymmetrical earrings.
The moderately sized pearls give off an elegant look, and just by wearing it, you can raise the degree of fashion.
The baroque pearls are removable, so you can wear them as hoop earrings, depending on your mood for the day.
■ ITEM 03
¥9,900 (taxin)
A necklace with a strong presence that adds an accent to a simple outfit.
The chain is set to be long, so it can be worn as is or doubled.
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