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Continuing from LUMINE POPUP STORE ITEM vol.1 / vol.2 , today we will also introduce styling using POPUP STORE pre-sale items .
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* The POPUP STORE has many new items in addition to the items listed.
■ STYLE 01
slit sleeve jacket ( free / beige , black ) ¥23,100 (tax included)
slub tweed wide pants (s, m, t / beige, black) ¥23,100 (tax included)
A slightly formal jacket is paired with slub tweed pants for a casual down look.
The slit design of the jacket adds a sense of looseness to the basic one tone.
< DIRECTOR > suzumi / 153cm ( s size )
■ STYLE 02
geometric lace dress ( s , m / ivory , black ) ¥22,000 (tax included)
The bare skin peeking through the lace fabric on the sleeves gives an elegant and sophisticated look.
The stand on the collar and the slits on the cuffs are accents, giving it a modern look.
mari / 153cm ( s size )
■ STYLE 03
box silhouette knit cardigan ( free / ivory , black ) ¥16,500 (tax included)
lakeside jacquard pencil skirt ( s , m / blue ) ¥28,600 (tax included)
The pencil skirt has a slightly low waist that does not pick up the body line too much, giving it a mature look without being too lady-like.
Pair with a cardigan with a boxy silhouette for a relaxed look.

kanaco / 153cm ( s size )
■ STYLE 04
velor body suit ( free / ivory , greige , navy , black ) ¥13,200 (tax included)
slub cotton cocoon pants ( s , m , t / ecru , khaki ) ¥25,300 (tax included)
Cocoon silhouette pants are paired with a well-fitting top for a well-balanced look.
One of its charms is that it is stretchy and smooth to the touch, making it comfortable to wear.
mikako / 157cm ( m size )
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