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Today, we would like to introduce 3 styles that incorporate a white collar that feels like spring and summer from our new items.

Please take a look at it for your shopping reference.
■ STYLE 01
A handsome outfit with a collection of ladylike items in black and white.
A blouson that can be used not only as a haori but also as a top gives a refreshing impression to your coordination and you can enjoy the change in styling.
The swan collar that makes the neck look beautiful adds a mature elegance, and the double zip and piping add a casual accent.
kanaco / 153cm
■ STYLE 02
leather thong sandal (23.5, black)
stone necklace ( free , smoky quartz )
Create a relaxed look with voluminous work pants.
The compact top and deep navy give it a feminine look while adding a mature casual look.
The drawstring hem creates a change in styling, and one of the attractions is that you can adjust the silhouette.
The well-designed side pockets with flaps give a more masculine impression.
mikako / 157cm
■ STYLE 03
stand collar sheer shirt ( free , white )
The faintly transparent shirt enhances the mood of the season and creates a refreshing style.
By making the inner black, it creates a healthy atmosphere.
Even with a longer length, the back shan design adds a loose look for a more refreshing impression.
The long sleeve length and casual details on the cuffs make it look feminine.
kanaco / 153cm
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