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As May approaches the end of the season, the number of warm days increases, and it feels like early summer.
Today, we would like to introduce 3 styles using items recommended by our staff that we would like you to wear from the coming season.
Please take a look at it for your shopping reference.
■ STYLE 01
Raschel lace panel shirt ( free , navy )
Lady-like paneled lace fabric, casual work pants and navy color give a handsome impression.
The high lace switching position creates a natural skin look and enhances your style even with a longer length.
kanaco / 153cm
■ STYLE 02
waist mark bustier ( free , beige mix )
sheer gather tops ( free , ivory )
standard leather belt (free, black)
flower jacquard clutch bag ( free , black )
A style that enjoys layered design bustiers that look good just by wearing them.
The sheer material gives you a casual look and enhances your style, giving you a classy look.
Wide pants in a tight color and matching with a belt give a chic atmosphere.
sarina / 162cm
■ STYLE 03
standard leather belt (free, black)
Bright colors that enhance the mood of the season add lightness to summer knits.
Wearing it with the button closed so that the bottom can be seen will lead to a style-up effect.
One of the attractions is that you can wear it regardless of your body type while giving a relaxed impression with an oversilhouette.
mikako / 157cm
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