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We are finally entering the rainy season. In anticipation of the summer ahead, this is the time to wisely choose items that can be used for a long time.
So today, we would like to introduce 3 recommended styling for rainy days using new items.
Please check it out till the end.

■ STYLE 01
slub tweed half pants ( m , beige )
stone necklace ( free , smoky quartz )
The main styling is a shirt with a beautiful drop shoulder and a subtle gloss that changes depending on the lighting.
Even on damp and rainy days, The dry touch texture that feels good against the skin gives you stress-free comfort.
Combined with straight silhouette shorts that are not too short and easy for adults to wear, it creates a mature and relaxed look.
sarina / 162cm
■ STYLE 02
square toe mule (23.5, black)
stone necklace ( free , smoky quartz )
The back shank design gives you a beautiful look and a modern mood, and you can get both impressions with this one piece, which you can enjoy for a long time from now until summer.
The material has just the right amount of firmness and crispness that makes you want to reach out on a humid day .
stone necklace ( free , smoky quartz )
For haori, we recommend a blouson with slightly longer puff sleeves that cover the difference in temperature.
You can also use it as a top by taking advantage of the double zip, so just by holding it, you can create a variety of outfits.
mikako / 157cm
■ STYLE 03
slub cotton cocoon pants ( m , khaki )
big baroque pearl pierce (free, silver)
The hemp mixed material that reproduces the slub and nape feel of linen is well-ventilated and versatile tops regardless of the season.
The exquisite size and voluminous three-dimensional silhouette add a moderate sense of mode while giving a feminine impression.
Even in the simple styling, it creates a mature atmosphere by matching the bottom with a belt design.
sarina / 162cm
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