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Continuing from RESALE ITEM RECOMMEND STYLING vol.1 , today we will pick up two of the resale items and introduce the styling recommended by our staff.
We would appreciate it if you could take a look at it for your shopping reference.

¥16,500 (tax in)
ivory / black
■ STYLE 01
The sheer material that you are interested in this season.
While keeping everything except the top in black, the transparency gives it a cool and feminine look.

The deep slit makes it easy to balance both bottom-in and out, making your legs look longer.
sarina / 162cm
■ STYLE 02
raschel panel pants ( s , ivory )
stone necklace ( free , onyx )
The smooth texture and drape give an elegant impression, while the back shan design adds a subtle spice.
Combined with the bottoms where you can enjoy the sheerness of the lace, the color tone and fabric combine to create a loose styling.
mikako / 157cm
■ STYLE 03
raschel panel pants ( s , ivory )
stone necklace ( free , smoky quartz )
pointed strap sandal (23.5, black)
Even with the same combination as STYLE02, choosing black will give you a glossy look.

A mix of see-through and velor different materials makes it easy to create a stylish layered style.
The bare top inner gives you a glimpse of your belly, giving you a healthy and mature look.
mikako / 157cm
¥9,900 (tax in)
beige / black
■ STYLE 01
Raschel lace panel shirt ( free , ivory )
pointed strap sandal (24.5, black)
silver925 hoop pierce (free, gold)
stone necklace ( free , smoky quartz )
The new color beige is incorporated into the texture of the soft cotton material to create a gorgeous casual style.
Slightly dull beige gives a sophisticated atmosphere that suits town use.
It is also attractive that it can be used in a variety of situations, such as wearing it with a shirt or blouse for work, or wearing a loose top such as a logo T for holidays.
yui / 167cm
■ STYLE 02
rib baretop ( free , dark gray )
basic american sleeve tops ( free , dark gray )
stone necklace ( free , smoky quartz )
pointed strap sandal (24.5, black)
By taking advantage of the pencil silhouette that falls smoothly and putting it together in dark colors, the vertical balance is emphasized and the style is enhanced.
Standard items that you never get tired of are highly versatile when coordinating, and black is a color that you will pick up even more.

sarina / 162cm
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