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The number of days with high temperatures has increased in earnest, and summer has arrived.
Summer tends to be a one-pattern, where you are concerned about comfort and the ability to mix and match.
So today, we will introduce recommended summer styles that are easy to incorporate into your daily routine.
We would appreciate it if you could take a look at it for your shopping reference.
■ STYLE 01
basic american sleeve tops ( free , dark gray )

The main styling is a skirt with a natural texture and a refreshing look and comfort.
The silhouette spreads out dramatically, and it goes well with a compact top that gives you a sense of security that doesn't pick up your lines.
Not only can it be worn out-style for a rough look, but it can also be worn in-style with a low waist for a mature and relaxed mood.
sarina / 162cm
■ STYLE 02
stone necklace ( free , smoky quartz )
We also recommend a dress that can be relied on as one-mile wear, with American sleeves that show off your healthy skin and create an adult summer.
It has a sturdy texture and a relaxed feel, making it an indispensable piece for summer when you don't want to wear layers.

It's cute on its own in midsummer, but you can mix and match it by wearing it over a shirt, wrapping it around your shoulders, or layering it with a T-shirt and using it as a skirt.
mikako / 157cm
■ STYLE 03
cotton sheer tops (free, black)
drawstring work pants ( m , white )
oval chain long necklace (free, silver)

The slightly see-through sheer top is breathable, and the soft cotton material makes it comfortable to wear even on hot days.
The secret to making it easy to balance is to match the minimal top with well-designed bottoms and bottoms with a little volume such as a wide silhouette.
The work pants that we have matched this time will give you a modern look just by putting them on , and you don't need to coordinate with a simple top.

mikako / 157cm

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