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It's almost the middle of July, and many people are probably starting to make plans for summer.
Today, we would like to introduce 3 styles that are recommended for summer outings.
Please refer to it.

■ STYLE 01
turtle neck knit tanktop ( free , blue )
zip up jumpsuits ( m , white )
leather mini pochette (free, black)
The bright blue that you want to keep this season is eye-catching, and the white combination enhances the mood of the season.
With a zip that accentuates and a roomy sizing, this jumpsuit will make a simple one-two look a step above the rest.
sarina / 162cm
■ STYLE 02
Raschel lace panel shirt ( free , ivory )
stone necklace ( free , smoky quartz )
A dress that is comfortable to wear even on hot summer days.
A silhouette with plenty of volume creates a relaxed and mature look.
Cover your shoulders with a shirt in an air-conditioned room.
It is also a nice point that neither item will be wrinkled when folded when moving.
mikako / 157cm
■ STYLE 03
camisole knit tops ( free , beige )
standard leather belt (free, black)
stone necklace ( free , onyx )
leather mini pochette (free, black)
A simple denim style is essential for active outings.
The top is made of moderately thick summer knit material that fits the body but does not pick up the flesh feeling and is comfortable to wear.
If you tighten your expression with black-tone accessories and accessories, your mature look will stand out.
sarina / 162cm
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