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From today, we are holding a SUMMER SALE at both online stores and physical stores.
We will introduce 3 recommended styling using sale items, so please refer to them when shopping.
Please check here for details on the SUMMER SALE.

■ STYLE 01
basic american sleeve tops ( free , dark gray )
accordion pleats skirt ( s , black )
ball chain necklace (85cm ) (free, silver)
Unify with dark tone items and silver jewelry for a mature look with lady-like items.
A pleated skirt with a generous amount of luxury adds a rich nuance to your outfit.
A pleated item that gives off an elegant impression and can be used regardless of the season or occasion, making it a must-have item in your wardrobe.
mikako / 157cm
■ STYLE 02
slub tweed shape vest (free, black)
knit american sleeve tops ( free , black )
pointed strap sandal (24.5, black)
The main styling is a vest that covers your upper arms with exquisite sleeve length that hangs over your shoulders.
One of the charms of the matching cocoon pants is that there is a casual change of stripping around the knee, so even with white bottoms it doesn't look too pretty.
The cocoon silhouette with a swimming leg line gives you a relaxed and balanced look this year.
sarina / 162cm
■ STYLE 03
Raschel lace panel shirt ( free , navy )
A set-up style that shows just the right amount of skin from the panel lace to bring a summery look to your styling.
The navy that leads to a mannish atmosphere can also be enjoyed with a mature sweetness.
Of course, it can be worn as a top with the buttons closed, but it is also recommended to open it up and wear it over a dress or tank top for a layered look.
yui / 167cm
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