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Today we would like to introduce styling using outerwear from the pre-sale items from 7/29 (Sat.).
In addition, the season look is now available on the online store.
Please take a look at this as well for your shopping reference.
stand collar tweed coat
¥55,000 ( tax included)
ivory / black

stand collar tweed coat ( free , black )
slit turtle neck knit ( free , gray )

Styling in black tones, with the tweed coat that Louren recommends this season as the main item.

Made of tweed material woven with threads of different thicknesses, this coat will give you an impressive modern style just by putting it on.
emu / 157cm
stand collar tweed coat ( free , ivory )
tuck cocoon pants (t, black)
silver925 hoop pierce (free, gold)
Ivory is a must-have for the autumn/winter season, when it tends to get heavy.

When you put up the stand neck that can be changed according to your mood, the vertical balance is emphasized and the style is enhanced.
A sophisticated I-line silhouette for an urban look.
yui / 167cm
double face muffler coat
¥49,500 (tax included)
beige / charcoal
doubleface muffler coat ( free , beige )
silver925 hoop pierce (free, silver)

A high-quality river coat that uses a high-quality material equivalent to cashmere and has a slightly elegant sheen.

Beige, which raises the degree of fashion, adds a sense of effortless sophistication.

emu / 157cm
doubleface muffler coat ( free , charcoal )
Charcoal in different colors creates a sharp and modern atmosphere.
It doesn't look too handsome like black, and the slightly glossy fabric gives it a feminine feel.

mikako / 157cm
shaggy double coat
¥47,300 (tax included)
beige / gray
shaggy double coat ( free , beige )
tuck cocoon pants ( s , beige )
silver925 hoop pierce (free, silver)
A shaggy coat that is soft and comfortable to wear, and pair it with sheer items for a trendy look.

The mellow beige that goes well with Louren's clothes makes it difficult to choose a color match, so you can enjoy various styles.

emu / 157cm
shaggy double coat ( free , gray )
mix color short knit ( free , black )
tuck cocoon pants ( m , beige )
The design is easy to wear daily with a mid-length that covers the hips without being too heavy.

While taking advantage of the elegance of the long pile shaggy coat, the beige bottoms are used to create a light and casual outfit.
sarina / 162cm

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