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Today we would like to introduce styling using new items that will be on sale from 8/5 (Sat.).
It is a lineup that matches the autumn mood that shifts little by little. I would appreciate it if you could watch it until the end.
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slub yarn check dress
¥44,000 (tax included)

slub yarn check dress ( free , ivory )
tuck cocoon pants (s, black)
silver925 hoop pierce (free, silver)
A one-piece dress that shimmers with every movement and has a silhouette that brings out your femininity to a dramatic effect.
It has a hem design, and layered with the bottom leads to a more sophisticated look.
Louren recommends wearing it alone or pairing it with pants.

emu / 157cm
slub yarn check dress ( free , ivory )
Pair it with long boots to capture the mood of the season from accessories.
The drapes created by the generous size of the cloth create a three-dimensional silhouette, and any combination will create gorgeous styling.

Although it is made of jacquard material, it has a sense of transparency and a sensual atmosphere.
The cut off design on the cuffs and hem adds a light impression to the elegance.
yui / 167cm
back tie stand collar tops
¥19,800 (tax included)
back tie stand collar tops ( s , beige )

An attractive top with a nuanced texture like fancy tweed.
It's sleeveless and comfortable, but it also leads to an outfit that can feel the mood of autumn.
The lady-like silhouette that flares out toward the hem is paired with a slightly handsome bottom for a balance that is not sweet.
mikako / 157cm
tuck cocoon pants (t, black)
square toe mule (24.5, black)
big baroque pearl pierce (free, silver)
leather mini pochette (free, black)
Match it with the modern design with wide piping, and unify the rest with black for a cohesive styling.
The Thai design on the back style is the point that gives you a stylish feeling.

sarina / 162cm
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