Information on "T (tall)" size

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Pants items from this season's summer collection
A new size "T (tall)" will be added for tall people in the latter half of 160cm to 170cm.
We want to respond to the voices of tall customers who have been giving up on purchasing because the length is not enough, so we have expanded the sizes from this season.
We will introduce two types of items with T size.
¥14,300 (tax included)
ecru / beige / navy
s size / m size / t size
¥12,100 (tax included)
ivory / dark brown
s size / m size / t size
・centerpress cocoon pants
153cm / navy / wearing size s
160cm / beige / small size
170cm / ecru / t size
・tapered rollup wrappants
153cm/ivory/s size
157cm / dark brown / size M
170cm / dark brown / t size
In addition, the product details page and SNAP have images of different heights, so please take a look at this opportunity.
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