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We will resell the mermaid pleats skirt, highwaist pencil skirt, and lace camisole onepiece, which we have received many inquiries from before 20:00 on 5/29 (Sat).
■ 5/29 (Sat) 20:00- List of resale items
¥13,200 (tax included)
beige / brown / black 
s size , m size
¥9,900 (tax included)
ivory / black / beige / khaki
s size , m size
¥17,600 (tax included)
white / beige
free size
*It will be delivered within 10 days from the order.
* It will be out of stock as soon as the stock runs out. Thank you for your understanding.
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・ mermaid pleats skirt
A long skirt with a mermaid silhouette that spreads over the hem and box pleats that go down the hem.
 With just the right amount of design and a silhouette that enhances your style, you can pair it with simple items such as T-shirts and tank tops for a mature look.
This item has a feminine feel, so we recommend wearing it with delicate strappy sandals or flat shoes.
The high waist from below the chest, so even people with short stature can wear it with an improved style.
・High waist pencil skirt
A high waist pencil skirt with a beautiful silhouette calculated to make your hips look beautiful.
The director's recommendation is to pair it with beach sandals or flat sandals with straps for a casual down look.
Simply pair it with a white T or sleeveless top for a simple summer style.
The slit in the back adds a loose feeling to the skin, giving it a feminine impression.
It has a silhouette that goes well with tops and outerwear, so the biggest appeal is that you can expand your wardrobe with just one piece.
It is an item that comes in handy in spring and early autumn when haori is often used.
・lace camisole one piece
 A seasonal camisole dress with a geometric lace pattern.
By using a special knitting machine, it is possible to knit with thick cotton and reproduce a casual lace like no other.
We want you to enjoy the sheerness of the lace, so we chose a light finish with no lining.

Layered with pants or leggings is recommended.
The mermaid pleats skirt and highwaist pencil skirt have been a long-time hit at Louren since last year.
The sheerness of the geometric lace is cool and summery,
A lace camisole one piece that will give you a mature look with just one piece.
Please take a look at this opportunity.
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