[Restocked at physical stores] Introduction of big crepe cardigan STAFF SNAP

Thank you for your continued patronage of Louren.
Today, we would like to introduce the staff coordination of the big crepe cardigan, which will be restocked tomorrow, the 27th (Friday).
I would appreciate it if you could refer to it.
■ big crepe cardigan * Store limited item
¥ 16,500 (tax included)
light beige / black
Since the number is limited, we cannot guarantee the stock at the time of your visit.
Also, please note that we do not accept deliveries or reservations prior to your visit.

・mari / 153cm
big crepe cardigan (free / light beige) ¥16,500 (tax included)
centerpress tapered denim (s / ivory) ¥15,400 (tax included)
For a soft one-tone outfit with similar colored bottoms.
Pair with denim for a casual yet sophisticated look.
・Natsumi / 155cm

・big crepe cardigan (free / black) ¥16,500 (tax included)
Tapered slub pants (m / black) ¥13,200 (tax included) *Store limited item
I made a chic impression with all black coordination.
By pairing it with glossy slub fabric pants, you can create a styling that combines femininity and elegance without being masculine.
・kotone / 160cm

big crepe cardigan (free / black ) ¥16,500 (tax included)
centerpress cocoon pants (s / beige) ¥14,300 (tax included)

Pair with muted beige pants for an autumn-inspired style.
By combining a firm material, you can wear it without being too casual.
・Sarina / 162cm
big crepe cardigan (free / light beige) ¥16,500 (tax included)
vintage satin pants (free / charcoal ) ¥9,900 (tax included)
Combined with calm colors, it has a stylish and mature styling.
These pants are stress-free and do not pick up your body line, but the smooth texture and glossy fabric create an elegant and relaxed style.
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