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Pre-sale of the 2021 SPRING COLLECTION will start sequentially from the online store on 2/20 (Sat.).
Today, we would like to introduce an oversweat with a vintage-like yet feminine silhouette, and an American sleeve tank top that can be worn as an inner layer this summer.
◼️ 2/20 (Sat) 20:00- sale item
¥13,200 (tax included)
brown / charcoal
¥6,600 (tax included)
mocha / charcoal / light green
・vintage-like over sweat
A lady's sweatshirt for adults that can be worn with a vintage-like sweatshirt material for a rough yet clean impression.

The vintage-like texture and thickness are typical of this season, and the tapered oversilhouette is attractive.
The length is not too long, so it is easy to balance both bottom-in and bottom-out, and is effective in improving your style.
We also recommend wearing a layered style with a knit or long T-shirt inside.
・American sleeve rib knit tank top
An American sleeve top that beautifully accentuates the shoulder line.
It makes the decollete and shoulders look delicate, so it goes well with voluminous bottoms.
A piece that is easy to use as an inner layer with an exquisite fit that does not pick up too much of the body line.
A versatile item for the summer season where you can enjoy an elegant and mature look.
Comes in 3 different colors, CAMEL that goes well with coordination and gives a feminine impression, CHARCOAL that has both a sense of fashion and fashion, and LIGHT GREEN, an eye-catching color that makes you want to wear it with a top as the main role. preparation.
Please take a look at this opportunity.
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