Apology and information regarding shipping delay of doubleface muffler wool coat

Thank you for your continued patronage of Louren.
We would like to apologize for the delayed shipment of the "doubleface muffler wool coat", which has been available for pre-order at online and physical stores since 9/4 (Sat.).
Currently, due to a power outage at our production plant, there is a delay in the delivery schedule.
Therefore, when we first announced that the products would be shipped sequentially from mid-October, we will be correcting the schedule to ship sequentially from the end of October .
We are very sorry for the customers who have been waiting since the beginning of the sale, but we will ship them as soon as they are ready.
When the shipment is completed, we will send a "shipment completion email" to everyone who ordered, so please check that as well.
We apologize for the inconvenience and anxiety caused to everyone who is looking forward to it due to our company's circumstances.
All the staff will sincerely respond, so if you have any questions, please contact us from the chat in the online store.
Please feel free to tell us.
doubleface muffler wool coat
beige/dark brown/navy
¥39,600 (tax in)
Initially: Scheduled to be shipped sequentially from mid-October
Correction: Scheduled to be shipped sequentially from the end of October
Also, due to the circumstances of the production factory and warehouse, the shipping time may be mixed up.
We will keep you informed at any time, so thank you for your kind support.