SEASON COLLECTION that designer and creative director Sato condenses every season.
Background story of the product created through repeated trial and error, starting from drawing a design image to selecting fabrics/specifications/selecting detailed accessories.
2023 PREFALL COLLECTION 1st, we will introduce stand collar tweed coat .
Tweed has an infinite number of colors and patterns, with different expressions depending on the type, color, and weave of the thread.
Generally speaking, tweed, which is woven from spun yarn made from natural materials such as wool and animal hair, has excellent heat retention, and is attractive for its heavy feel not found in synthetic fibers.
About two years in search of the ideal tweed pattern.
This season, we will deliver stand-up collar coats made from slub tweed fabric that satisfactorily go to the production area.
Made with slub tweed from Bishu, Japan's largest producer of wool.
As one of the world's three largest producers of woolen textiles, textile production has flourished since ancient times in the rich natural environment of the Kiso River basin.
All the processes from yarn to textile processing are concentrated in this area, and the craftsmanship of Bishu's woolen fabrics is world-class made-in-Japan quality.
The roving yarn, which is sweetly twisted from slub yarn with irregular length and thickness, is also attractive for its bulging softness.
Compared to the 450g/m2 weight of a typical wool coat, it is extremely light at 338g/m2 and feels great on the skin.
In addition, the butcher weave, which uses threads with completely different thicknesses for the warp and weft to weave irregularly, brings out the charm of the slub threads even more, creating a richly expressive and luxurious finish where the NEP stands out.
This fabric, which takes about 3 months to create, has minimal processing, so you can fully experience the high quality of ALL Bishu-produced materials.
In general, tweed fabric has a strong conservative and classical impression.
Although the use of roving yarn gave it an uneven look, I was concerned about the monotonous construction, so I decided to cut off the pockets, cuffs, and hem of the collar.
The different warp and weft yarns on the cut surface make the texture of the fabric stand out, giving it a more casual look.
The three-dimensional rounded cocoon silhouette is also a point, created by using the length of the cloth luxuriously and inserting joints in every part.
A full-fledged tweed coat from Louren this season.
I would appreciate it if you could get a little bit of a lot of people.

stand collar tweed coat
¥55,000 (tax included)
ivory, black / free
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