SEASON COLLECTION that designer and creative director Sato condenses every season.
Background story of the product created through repeated trial and error, starting from drawing a design image to selecting fabrics/specifications/selecting detailed accessories.
The 2nd installment of the 2023 PREFALL COLLECTION is the cut jacquard long shirt / cut jacquard cocoon skirt .


delicate and intricate pattern
color with depth
Expressive textured surface
Jacquard fabric is one of the most historical textiles among various textiles.

Delicate and complex patterns in which the warp and weft threads are woven irregularly create a depth that cannot be expressed by printing because it takes time and effort.

"Make something with Jacquard every season"
What Sato saw this season was a precious cut jacquard woven in Fukui Prefecture, which has been famous as a traditional silk industry since the late Edo period.


A cut jacquard that emphasizes the three-dimensional effect of the entire fabric by hand-cutting the threads between the patterns.
Everything from thread production, dyeing, and weaving is done in Japan.
Cut jacquard, which can only be produced with limited looms, is one of the many types of jacquard.

The cutting process is adjusted in millimeters by the hands of craftsmen who have been working exclusively for cutting work for many years.

At a factory with advanced technology that originally specialized in silk dyeing, two types of threads are dyed separately to create a soft and deep texture with a multicolored look.

Since there are many and complicated production processes, each process requires skilled techniques, so only 25m can be woven in a day .

Fukui's cut jacquard, which is packed with Japan's best craftsmanship, is high quality, highly reliable, and undeniably the best product.


Super-strongly twisted cupra yarn is used for the warp.
It is a special order yarn handled by only one company in the textile production areas of Fukui and Tango.

Cupra: It has excellent moisture absorption and desorption properties, and features a smooth texture similar to silk.
It is also attractive that it is easier to handle than delicate silk.

Super strong twisted yarn: Cupra yarn, which is not very durable,
Super-strongly twisted yarn is used for the warp.

By weaving two different types of threads, it creates a silky smooth texture and a pleasant texture.


As I have introduced, I just decided to make a shirt with the one and only jacquard fabric.
The only thing that caught Sato was the impression that she was "too elegant and gorgeous" due to her delicate nature.
When I turned the fabric inside out, I saw the unique cut jacquard cut and the three-dimensional flower pattern that seems to emerge, so I suddenly changed the tailoring to the back.

By showing the back side where the fringe feeling stands out even more, it has been transformed into a modern impression, like the Japanese pattern used in kimonos.
It also contains Sato's desire to convey the luxury and excitement that can only be expressed with cut jacquard.

The long shirt that makes use of the smooth fabric and the cocoon skirt that has a rounded silhouette with seams are a main item that can be worn as a set or used alone. .

How about adding one to your autumn/winter styling wardrobe, which tends to get monotonous?


cut jacquard long shirt
¥38,500 (tax included)

ivory, black / free

Cut jacquard cocoon skirt
¥29,700 (tax included)
   ivory, black / s, m
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