SEASON COLLECTION that designer and creative director Sato condenses every season.

Background story of the product created through repeated trial and error, starting from drawing a design image to selecting fabrics/specifications/selecting detailed accessories.

The third installment of the 2023 PREFALL COLLECTION is the doubleface muffler coat .



Warm yet surprisingly light.

The luxurious fabric that is made by layering two layers of fabric has a thin and soft texture, but it is also resistant to wind and has excellent heat retention.

Double face is now counted as one of the representative materials for outerwear.

“Because it is a standard material, we want to deliver high quality products that you can use for a long time.”

With this in mind, Sato himself went to the production area in pursuit of a good texture and a smooth and beautiful texture.

Please experience this long coat with unprecedented quality and comfort.


SUPER display that expresses the fineness of wool numerically.
The higher the number, the finer, softer and finer the wool.

The highly scarce ultra-fine thread is said to have a fiber texture equivalent to cashmere, and is characterized by the softness and smoothness of the entire fabric.

In general, wool is around SUPER 80 , with wool over 100 being thin and wool of 130 being considered high quality.

We were concerned that if everything was made with SUPER140, the cost would increase, so we used SUPER140 only for the weft this time to achieve a soft texture that gently wraps the skin.


This time, from weaving to processing, the fabric is made in Japan quality finished in Japan's largest wool production area, Bishu.

Bishu is one of the world's three largest producers of woolen textiles, and has been actively producing textiles for a long time in the rich natural environment of the Kiso River basin.

After the woven fabric is washed to increase its density, it undergoes a beaver process in which the hair is intentionally scraped out with a needle and raised to create a more uniform fluff.

In addition, by applying a high-lacquer process that polishes the fabric, it is reborn as a beautiful finish with an even more glossy feel.


This long coat is made by luxuriously using a high-quality double face.

We have prepared a removable muffler set so that you can fully enjoy the good texture without being stiff and itchy.

The attached muffler can be added to the basic tailor collar to change the impression and expand the range of styling.

You can use it alone, or you can wear it over your shoulder as a stole, or wrap it around your neck and enjoy it as a muffler coat made of the same material.

The loose drop shoulders and oversized silhouette give you a relaxing atmosphere unique to a double face that does not require lining.

In order to reduce the conservative impression, the slightly pressed tailored collar has been pressed off, and it has been changed to a 2-way specification so that you can enjoy it even with a stand collar.

In addition, the color development that was originally dyed from the beaker is BEIGE, which has a strong yellowish taste, and CHARCOAL, which blends two colors with the warp and weft to create a top look.

Although it is made of high-quality materials, it has a stripped-down design that allows you to wear it without hesitation.

As a basic outer line that can be used for a long time, this season's louren
Please take this opportunity to consider the doubleface muffler coat delivered by.


double face muffler coat
¥49,500 (tax included)
beige, charcoal / free

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