SEASON COLLECTION that designer and creative director Sato condenses every season.
Background story of the product created through repeated trial and error, starting from drawing a design image to selecting fabrics/specifications/selecting detailed accessories.
2023 PREFALL COLLECTION Part 4 will introduce the slub yarn check dress .

Tradition weaving, which is said to have been introduced from Japan to China about 1000 years ago during the Heian period.

As the name suggests, the method of weaving by intertwining threads is a unique weaving method that does not belong to any of the basic weaving structures called Mihara weaving, plain weave, twill weave, and satin weave.

Of course, it can only be woven with a loom dedicated to entanglement weaving.

The biggest feature is the cool appearance with a sense of transparency and the depth of the surface.

By intricately intertwining threads and combining parts with wide gaps and tight parts, a jacquard-like three-dimensional pattern is created with a sense of sheerness.
The checkered fabric used this time is also unique to the tangle weave created by the density of the threads.

Sato, who fell in love with such a rare fabric, made a special piece to fully convey the charm of the fabric.


Made in Japan quality, finished in Bishu, Japan's largest wool production area , from thread to fabric .
Bishu is one of the world's three largest producers of woolen textiles, and has been actively producing textiles for a long time in the rich natural environment of the Kiso River basin.

Above all, this time's entangled fabric is produced at a factory that has been working on entangled weave materials for many years.

Skilled craftsmen have designed a unique organization and finished the fabric with an expressive look.


By using slub yarn with irregular length and thickness, the texture of the fabric stands out even more.

The natural thread, which is more than 85% cotton, is thicker than usual.

The natural texture of Bishu, which is the production area of ​​textiles, has a refreshing feel and is comfortable to wear.


This fabric is finished with slub yarn from a highly rare tangle weave.

In order to fully enjoy the charm of the fabric, we have used a generous amount of measuring tape to create a draped flared dress.
By adding movement to the hem with a hem design, it creates a feminine silhouette that makes the expressive texture stand out even more.

In order to take advantage of the natural texture of the natural thread, the hem and cuffs are cut off to make it look like a fringe, making it a casual down piece.

You can wear it on its own, or layer it with pants for a different style.
We hope that you will be able to enjoy wearing a special piece of clothing that is unique to you.


slub yarn check dress
¥44,000 (tax included)
ivory / s,m

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