Thank you for visiting the FUKUOKA OSAKA POPUP STORE today.
There are instructions and notes before your visit, so please check them thoroughly.
(1) The product will be ordered (purchased) on the web and will be delivered at a later date.
*The shipping time varies depending on the product.
Please check the shipping time information at the top of the product page. (Shipping times are approximate. If there is a delay in the production stage, we will keep you updated.)
* If you purchase (pay for) multiple items at the same time, they will be delivered according to the latest shipping time. Please be careful.

■ Order period
Schedule: 9/3 (Sat) 12:00 - 9/4 (Sun) 23:59
Schedule: 9/10 (Sat) 10:30 - 9/11 (Sun) 23:59
* Please note that the order period differs for each venue. 
* Please note that orders cannot be placed outside of the above period.
■ Payment method
・Amazon Pay / Google Pay / Apple Pay / NP Postpay
* Payment in cash is not possible. Please note.
② We are handing out POPUP limited novelties to customers who ordered online at the venue today.
(If you wish, please proceed to the order completion screen below and speak to a nearby staff member or the counter staff near the exit.)
* We will not be able to hand over the novelties at a later date, so if you wish to do so, please be sure to ask the staff at the venue after purchasing the product.
* Products can be purchased at any time during the period of each venue.
* The novelty will end as soon as it is all gone. Please note.
■ Order completion screen
■ Novelty list
・ For customers who purchase over 33,000 yen including tax / grained leather pass case
*The color will be dark brown for Fukuoka and green for Osaka . Please note.
* The novelties will end as soon as they are all gone. Please note.
・ For purchasers over 55,000 yen including tax / soft leather bucket bag
* The color will be ivory for Fukuoka and black for Osaka. Please note.
* The novelties will end as soon as they are all gone. Please note.
③You can try on up to 3 items at a time.
* Customers who wish to try on 3 or more items can try on multiple times by lining up again.
* When the venue is crowded, the number of items you can try on may change. Please note.
* Outerwear can be worn at the venue, so please ask a staff member nearby.


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inquiry :
You can use the chat at the bottom right of the online store.
Please feel free to contact us.